First Impressions

If I became an actress worked on a movie with Jason Bateman, I’m pretty sure I would introduce myself by saying: “Hi, I’m a big fan. I just loved you in Teen Wolf Too!”


So that’s what I’m going with to set the tone of this blog. I really really would say that to him. I have no idea why I’ve planned this out in my head- I have no acting ambitions, but it’s just one of those things where I know exactly what I would say in a certain (preposterous) situation.

Truth is, I don’t really know what this blog is going to be yet. I decided to start it when in one day, I watched an old episode of Ugly Betty (please don’t ask…I have no logical explanation) and read my friend’s blog for the first time after she tweeted a link to a post about Oscar fashion predictions. But mostly I’m doing this because I really really don’t want to be cleaning. Originally, the idea was for a fashion blog, but I didn’t want to limit myself. Plus I have no interest in modeling OOTDs —- YOU’RE WELCOME, GUYS! It’ll probably be a mix of written posts and stand alone pictures… I don’t know I’m kind of just playing around here.

Now, about the title……

I spent a long time considering what to name my blog and this is what I came up with? I spent the better part of an hour thinking of semi-fashion related names most of which I liked, but didn’t love. Although now that I’m already committed to Crying In Ubers, I did just think of Netflix and Cashmere which I really like. Another gem just now?: Rez Says. Okay obviously that’s awful, although after that whole Teen Wolf lead in I could be serious. After deciding not to use anything with the word “psycho” (you never know who might read this in the future), my title finally came to me.

Whatever direction I go with this blog, the name sums me up pretty well. Although, I really could have gone with Crying In Ubers and Then Tweeting About it but it’s too late and that’s a bit wordy. I promise to write a post on why crying in Ubers is the best, but I will leave you with a tweet of mine from May 2013: “’If there’s anything you’ve taught me, it’s that ubers are for crying’ I’m so glad I’m such a great influence”*

*I wonder who said this to me….theories to come in aforementioned future post

**I should also mention I had a very short lived blog when I worked at Teen Vogue a few summers ago, which had the very clever web address JustCallMeLC… especially considering I have never seen Laguna Beach/The Hills etc. Here’s the link if you want a laugh