The Most Fashionable Cheat Sheet (for Fifth Grade Science)


CHRISTOPHER KANE Buttercup embellished cashmere sweater via

I’ve been drooling over this sweater since it came down the runway in September as part of the amazing Christopher Kane’s Spring 2014 Collection. Besides being a phenomenal way to cheat on your fifth grade science test, this sweater is at the same time not only quirky and winky, but also absolutely beautiful. It is shown as form fitting but I would love to wear this as a loose sweater that teeters across the line between baggy and being able to swim in it. While the runway skirt is absolutely TO DIE FOR, I see this as an extremely versatile piece. If baggy, I’d love to see this with a pair of cropped cigarette or even boyfriend jeans and a great pair of tan d’orsay flats, like these Tory Burch ones. It would also look great with cutoffs or a fun skirt– go for a pattern! I can’t guarantee your teacher will let you take a bio test in this, but I bet if you wore it to class you’d get some extra points somewhere!

** DON’T CHEAT PEOPLE. I don’t know why I condone less, cheating or buying a fifth grader a $1500 sweater!