The Oscars’ Greatest GIF (not the selfie!)


Look, it took a lot of will power not to make last night’s epic selfie my Facebook cover photo. I mean, it literally broke twitter. But I’m not surprised because, well first of all, J-Law. Plus, the idea of A-Listers like Brad and Angie, other Bradley, Meryl, and Julia partaking in Kim Kardashian’s favorite pastime/form of artistic impression is priceless. The stills of Bradley snapping the selfie may be better than the pic itself the same way it’s more entertaining to see a girl holding up her phone mid-lecture than it is too see the duck face result. Plus, more Jared Leto, Samsung product placement, and poor Liza. Knowing that my Facebook feed would be overflowing with the selfie anyway, it was a lot harder to resist changing my cover to a still from Pharrell’s “Happy” performance. The above gif of Meryl Streep shimmying has to be the greatest thing to come out The Oscars this year. Did you ever think you’d hear Meryl Streep and shimmying in the same sentence? (at least with shimmying in the context of dance) In fact, Meryl shimmying was the only thing that could make me happier than the sight of Cinderella aka Lupita Nyong’o grooving just moments before:


Have you ever seen anything more perfect in your life? (well… I thought not until Pharrell got to Meryl a few seconds later)

A quick note on winners: While I didn’t see many of the nominated movies, I was a bit disappointed not to see a win for Leo finally, mostly because I think that would have legit crashed the internet.